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OpenEyes Film
Cross media reality that is both dynamic and creative,  OpenEyes Film  is specialized in the production and making of programs and series for television – for entertainment and infotainment – in the conception of television and  web format,  in the production of corporate  videos  and in the drafting and editing of specialized  magazines and publications.
An important plus of OpenEyes Film is the very experienced   television development and training – based on ideas, storytelling, scriptwriting and directing – and of many years of development in  counseling and also individual coaching.
 This mutidisciplinary  “know how”  is also a great advantage when it comes to the conception and the actual making of films commissioned by private companies and public institutions that choose websites and/or television to promote their brands, products, territories and events.

In general, with its’ productions  OpenEyes Film can tell us about  tourism, nature, environment, food and wine, food service and eco-sustainability, society, art and architecture.
But it is always ready to experiment with new and stimulating subjects.